Mizan Rahman

Bangladeshi Musical artist
Date of Birth : 25 Jul, 1974
Place of Birth : Khulna, Bangladesh
Profession : Singer, Musical Artist, Musician
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Social Profiles :

Mizan Rahman is a Bangladeshi rock musician, Mizan is an ace rock musician in the country for nearly two decades. He was born on 25 July 1974 in Khulna, parturiency of many talented musicians, who mostly migrated to Dhaka for career development in 1996. Mizan started his armature music in various local functions and it didn’t take long for him to come to the center of the attraction to the youngsters of the Southern part of the country. He formally joined his first band Memory and spent a couple of years with it. Then, like his successful predecessors, he moved to Dhaka to appear to a greater audience. He was inspired by rock music since he had started understanding music. As a result, he had been having a dream to be a part of the rock legacy of Bangladesh.

Through a common friend, Mizan was introduced to Warfaze who were suffering a lot that time with their vocalist. Mesmerising the band with his vocal capability, Mizan joined Warfaze on 2000. His addition to Warfaze gave his career a new dimension; Warfaze, on the other hand, found Mizan to deliver quality voice as they have been struggling to source for years, especially after departure of Sunjay. In 2001,releasing an album titled 'Aalo' results in massive success to Warfaze which established Mizan as the face & frontman of the band to their listeners. Like many others, Mizan had to pass some critical curves in his career where it was rather difficult to distinguish right versus wrong decisions. He had left Warfaze being busy with several other chores like own business and of course by whim of developing solo career with kind of music contrary to the Warfaze trend.

Apart of his solo career, he formed 'Musafir' band, where he got success but the degree of his satisfaction remained questionable. Apparently, Mizan had to revisit his ‘decisions’ for the sake of the survival of his dreams. In the mean time he released three solo albums named 'Musafir', 'Jog Biyog' &'Ghuri' besides singing in many mixed albums. Eventually, the circumstances influenced Mizan to get back on his natural track. He rejoined Warfaze in 2008 after four years of absence and had been demonstrating his devotion to the band. Meanwhile, Mizan had success to his solo album and numbers as well. Warfaze released a remake album named 'Pothchola' consisting of their previous popular numbers to reestablish themselves in the scene. Gaining a huge success through that album, Warfaze again promoted themselves up to the top again. In 2014, with their last album till date titled as 'Sotto', Warfaze created an unparalleled craze nationwide which also established Mizan in an untouchable position as a frontman.

After passing few more years of successful journey, Mizan left the band in 2016 forming his own lineup named 'Mizan & Brothers'. Accompanied by some young & prominent musicians, Mizan is continuing his musical journey with 'M&B' right now. He is by far one of the most integral part in the history of Bangladeshi music. His vocal texture and prowess is unparalleled and very original. His ability to play with squeals and screams are highly orchestrated and when accompanied with his vocal texture (mentioned above) create audible masterpieces. Though one can generalize Mizan into vocal categories, it is impossible to compare his vocal style and capabilities to other musicians. Though he established himself as a rock vocalist, he has unnoticed excellence in singing Bangla Adhunik Songs & Sufi songs. Covering almost all the genre & style of modern music, Mizan proved himself as the most versatile & technically sound vocalist of the nation. He achieved a huge fan base nationwide through his singing in the course of his career. He influenced a whole generation of youth who idolizes Mizan in vocal/performance aspect.


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