Bushra Afreen

Chief heat officer in Bangladesh
Date of Birth : 12 Jul, 1993
Place of Birth : Dhaka, Bangladesh
Profession : Chief Heat Officer Of Bangladesh
Nationality : Bangladeshi
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Bushra Afreen (বুশরা আফরিন) Countries, cities and villages are burning due to high temperatures. The heat wave also crushes Bangladesh. Dhaka is also the city of ground concrete. How to protect Dhaka from extreme temperatures? Bushra Afrin got that responsibility. He is the ‘Chief Hit Officer’ of Dhaka. Top temperature control officer in Bengal. From today’s article, you will learn about Bushra Afreen's Biography, Education, Salary, Age, Husband, Family & Photos. 

Apart from making people aware, the ‘Chief Heat Officer’ also undertakes short and long term projects for temperature control. Such as planting trees, providing shade areas. It is also the job of the ‘Chief Heat Officer’ to treat all diseases caused by heat. This official coordinated with all the government departments.

Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen 

Bushra’s father is the mayor of Dhaka North Municipality. Name is Atiqul Islam. He also has a clothing business. Bushra is probably inclined towards government work after seeing his father. Bushra Afreen is a representative of the Bangladeshi government who holds the position of Chief Heat Officer at the Dhaka North City Corporation. 

She was born on July 12, 1993, attended college in Canada, and then came back to Bangladesh to work for a US-based company that didn’t have a presence there. Later, she became a member of and has been working for the Dhaka North City Corporation ever since.


Bushra finished her secondary education at a local Dhaka, Bangladesh, school. She then took a flight to Canada to finish her secondary schooling there as well as receive her diploma. At Queen’s University in Canada, Afreen earned an honors degree in global development studies. Kingston, Ontario is where the university is situated.

The aforementioned woman also attended school in Ghana at the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS). The ILGS is situated in Ogbojo, Accra, not far from Ashalley Botwe.

Bushra Afreen Age & Physical Appearance

Bushra Afreen is 85 kg tall and 5’5″ wide. Her bra size is 46 and she has a 44-inch bust. Her bust structure is downward, and her shape is regarded as “fat.” She has two black eyes, light-colored complexion, and short, white-blonde hair.

Born on July 12th, 1993, Afreen. She is the daughter of Dhaka North City Corporation’s current mayor, Atiqul Islam. Bushra is currently 29 years old. In July of this year, she will turn 30.

Bushra Afreen Husband

Many of the men enquired about her marital status and asked who her husband was. Currently, this lovely woman is in a happy marriage. Usman Ghani, who works as a government official, is the name of her husband. Usman and Bushra have a young daughter together. They only have one child at the moment.

Bushra Afreen Family & Husband

Bushra Afreen is a Muslim who was raised by her famous father, Mayor Atiqul Islam. Before changing her name to Bushra Afreen, she was known as Bushra. She has a daughter with her husband, government worker Ahmed Jawed Rahman. They now call Dhaka home.

Many of the guys asked her if she was married and who her husband was. This attractive woman is currently married and content. Her husband is a government employee by the name of Usman Ghani. Bushra and Usman are parents to a small daughter. Currently, they only have one child.

Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen Salary

The Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, a U.S.-based nonprofit, created the position of Chief Heat Officer. By lowering global temperatures, the organization hopes to make a billion people more tolerant of heat waves. It values achieving its objective by 2030.

The Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation would approve and fund the compensation. The pay has no bearing on DNCC. Currently, the specific salary amount is unknown. She will, however, undoubtedly earn thousands of dollars each month.

Final Words

The creation of a “task force” to lower the temperature in the garment factories has been Bushra’s most remarkable accomplishment to yet. She has been successful in bringing about improvements in the industry. Working moms were provided with the option of private nurseries, and kids were given access to daycare centers run by her, where teachers also received training.


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