Grameenphone Minute Check

Grameenphone Minute Check
Admin February 29, 2024 16201

Have you forgotten how to check your GP Minute balance? We sometimes forget small tasks due to various reasons. You may have forgotten to check your GP minute balance.

Minute balance check is very important for Grameenphone customers. We want to see the minutes after our conversation. You will only see the correct minute balance if you remember how to check your minutes.

Today, I will share with you how to check GP minutes and how to check GP minutes balance. Stay with us till then.

GP Minute Offer List 2024

For GP subscribers, these telecom operators have suggested several minutes offer. For those of you who have been using GP SIM for a long time, this is a gold mine.
Grameenphone is the largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh. Behind this telecom operator improvement are all the interesting offers including one minute offer.

We like to communicate with distant and close friends and family through voice calls. In this case, Grameenphone has given us the opportunity to talk at the lowest call rate. The main topic of our discussion today is GP minute offer and detailed information about all GP voice offer offers.

GP Minute Check

Like other mobile operators, Grameenphone has set a code for their customers to check minutes. You can check your minutes in two ways if you want. One of them dials USSD code and the other uses Grameenphone’s My GP app.

GP 100 Minute Offer

But there is no reason to be discouraged because we have discussed in detail two methods here to help you. Below is a list of how to check Grameenphone minutes and which codes you can check all minutes by dialing. You can easily check the minutes no matter where you are in Bangladesh by dialing this USSD code or using the My GP app.

GP Minute Check Code

Grameenphone’s minute check code is being communicated through various advertising campaigns. Moreover, by visiting the official website i.e., you can collect all the information of GP. However, for your information, we have provided the GP minute check code here.

GP 200 Minute Offer
  • Go to the dial pad option of your mobile and dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # now.
  • A mobile SMS will then tell you how many minutes you have left and when the minutes will expire.
Also, if you are using a smart phone, you must install Grameenphone’s official application MyGP app on your mobile. This way you can easily see how many minutes of internet is on your mobile when you login to the application.