Banglalink Minute Check Code

Banglalink Minute Check Code
Admin February 24, 2024 20323

Do you want to check Banglalink minutes? Then you need to know about the Banglalink minute check code. So how does Banglalink check the minute check code and Banglalink’s minutes? If you want to know, keep watching the whole post till the end. You see Nour 360. So let’s start with today’s post.

So, friends, there are many ways to check the minutes on Banglalink SIM. Today we will see all the methods of checking Banglalink minutes. Because if following one method does not work, you can easily try another method.

Method 1: Banglalink Minute Check Code

Dear Friends, you can try this method first to check Banglalink minutes. For this, first, you will go to your dial pad and go there and dial * 124* 2#. As soon as you dial this code, you will be able to see the remaining minutes of Banglalink SIM in a popup bar.

Method 2: Bangla link’s minute-check

If the above method does not work here, then you should follow this method.

Now you will go to your dial pad and go there and dial or type: * 121* 31#. And after a few seconds of dialing, you’ll see your remaining minutes in a popup window like the previous time.

Method 3: How to check the minutes on Banglalink SIM?

If you can not check the minutes on your Banglalink SIM even with the above 2 methods. Then you can follow this number 3 method.

Because this is the easiest way to check Banglalink minutes. So for this, you will need the My Banglalink app. If not, install the app.Login to the My Banglalink app with the phone number. Then you will see your remaining minutes on the home page of the app.